The Angelina church of Christ offers a variety of Bible classes for adults and children on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. These classes are taught by talented men and women who present Biblical texts and topical studies with the goal in mind of helping all members grow in their knowledge of God's word.

  • Wes Basham serves as the deacon in charge of education, nursery through adults. With the Bible as the focus, age appropriate classes help establish a firm foundation in the Word.
  • Ladies Bible class is also held each week, from September to May, with specific topics and Biblical study to help Ladies grow spiritually and improve their knowledge of the Word.

New Quarter Bible Classes : June, July, August 2021

  • Sunday AM - Adult Auditorium
    Colossians taught by Greg Fair and Alex Weatherford
  • Sunday AM - High School
    Joshua taught by Wes Basham
  • Wednesday PM - Adult Auditorium
    Gospel of Mark taught by Doyle Bruce
  • Wednesday PM - High School
    Dealing with emotions through a biblical perspective taught by John Coleman
  • Wednesday PM - College / Young Adults
    James taught by Daniel Lockett